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Physics is the science of the properties and interaction of energy, space, matter and time.  While pure physics focuses on developing theories or models of reality, applied physics as may be found in engineering or technology seeks to make use of science to meet human needs.


College physics courses are usually organized along the following or similar headings: classical mechanics, electromagnetism, thermodynamics, quantum mechanics, fluid mechanics, wave motion, harmonic motion, optics, nuclear physics, and relativity.

Laws of the Universe

Diverse phenomena of the physical universe can be described with a small number of laws.  Scientific laws are not explanations as some would have us think.  Their value lies in being reliable and carefully formulated descriptions of phenomena.  For example, Newton’s Laws of Motion describe how mass, force, space, and time interact and enables predictions and applications of these interactions.

They do not explain why something accelerates when it experiences a force, nor does it even define conceptually what a force is.  The “why” of the universe is embodied in theories or models that incorporate laws in a logically consistent framework.  For example, the heliocentric model of the solar system is consistent with celestial observations as described in Kepler’s Laws of planetary motion.

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