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Prof. Nikitin
Subjects: physics (all topics, all levels); mathematics
Rate: from $10/h

Associate Professor, Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics. Senior Lecturer in General Physics with 20 years experience. 7 years experience online tutoring.

I provide one-time and regular help in solving any problems from physics (all subjects, all levels). Email questions or problems to me at any time; within 12 hours receive explanations or solutions, with all formulas and diagrams, as a Word attachment.

"Etutor Physics"
Subjects: Physics - High school level
Rate: $2 to 5 per problem based on the level of difficulty

Masters in Physics. Certified teacher. Teaching over 15 years.

I help solving all level problems. Email problems to receive an estimate. Get answers within 24 hours.

Subjects: Physics at the AP and IB levels
Rate: from $2 per question; $20 per hour

Masters in Physics, Bachelors in Education, and 16 + years of experience teaching Physics with 4 years of IB HL/SL Physics teaching experience.

Subjects:  Physics and Math any level
Rate: Starting from $1 per problem

PhD in Theoretical Physics. 10+ years of tutoring physics and math at various levels. Over 5,000 tutoring sessions.


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