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1. Particular protons travel in 3000 m circles in an accelerator, and have 6.68 x 10-8 J of kinetic energy. Determine for each proton its
a. centripetal acceleration
b. relativistic mass.

2. A neutron traveling 1 x 107 m/s relative to the Sun passes another neutron traveling in the opposite direction at 1 x 107 m/s relative to the Sun. What are the velocities of the neutrons relative to each other?

3. If  you were on board a spaceship traveling 0.3c relative to the Earth, how many Earth-hours would pass by in the time it takes your watch to register a change of one hour?

4. The occupants of a spaceship are to reach a space station 10 light years from Earth in 5 of their years.  At what speed is the spaceship traveling?

5. A meter stick traveling half the speed of light relative to the Earth would appear to the Earth-bound observer to have what length?


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