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Solar Landscape Lighting Fixtures

Solar Landscape Lighting Fixtures Save Money

Solar landscape lighting fixtures secure and accent your property.  They are recommended for use around flower beds and walkways, docks, billboards and parking lots.  Because they are solar powered there are no ongoing electrical costs, and there is no need to call an electrician to install wiring. The provide light even during power failures.

Solar Landscape Lighting Fixtures Work in a Variety of Conditions

Solar landscape lighting fixtures make use of solar cells, nicad rechargeable batteries, LED’s, and diffusers.  The LED’s (lighting emitting diodes) provide intense light with low power.  Diffusers create soft omni-directional light. Reflectors or directional optics can provide spot lighting. A range of designs and prices ensure these landscape lighting fixtures fit your pocket book as well as your preferences.

On sunny or even cloudy days, the built in solar panel converts light into electrical energy which is stored in a long life battery. The storage battery may store enough power to operate the light for as many as five consecutive days. 

Solar Landscape Lighting Fixtures Provide Convenience

Various features may be obtained to improve convenience and conserve battery power.  Light sensors turn the light on when needed. Programmable units can be set to turn on or off at certain times. Motion sensors turn the light on when a vehicle or pedestrian or animal approaches.  Since each unit is independent, in the unlikely event one unit fails, the others are not affected.

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