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Projectiles, Projectile Motion, Trajectory

Definition of Projectile

A projectile is a moving object that has only one force acting upon it: the force of gravity.

Definition of Projectile Motion

Projectile motion usually refers to the trajectory (path) followed by a projectile. Projectile motion may also refer to the kinematic characteristics of a projectile, such as its displacement, velocity, or acceleration.

Definition of Trajectory

The path or predicted path of a projectile.

Quick Questions

1. In the absence of air resistance, a ball of mass m is thrown straight up and reaches a height of 10 m. The net force on the ball half-way up (at 5 m up) is
a. mg/4
b. mg/2
c. mg
d. 2mg

2: A ball is kicked 10 m/s horizontally off a cliff. After 1 second, its speed is approximately
a. 10 m/s
b. 14 m/s
c. 20 m/s
d. 28 m/s


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